MVP Launch – Sleeper

The was launched within 6 weeks from idea to delivery on the road. Instead of traditional project planning methods, an agile approach was used with a multi-disciplinary team working in close collaboration. Daily standups were used to overcome obstacles, and the minimum viable product was identified so that the product could be tested early. The aim was to launch a basic product and use customer feedback to improve it.

The is an overnight bus service between Wellington and Auckland with lie flat beds. On board hosts make sure that your trip is a great one and a food and beverage service is provided. Plus each bed is provided with a sheet, blanket or onesie and pillow.

“We believe it will change the way people view bus travel and it caters for a growing mobile workforce. It will be popular with existing customers as well as those who hadn’t previously thought about travelling with us.” – Hamish Nuttall, former Naked Bus CEO.