Clear Inovacao & Digile – Innovation across the ocean

We are so proud and happy to be in partnership with Clear Inovação in Brazil. During the first week of June, Hamish was there, talking to Clear’s clients and friends about disruption, innovation and scalability.

Together, we shared our learnings from NakedBus and other cases from our on journey with their clients, friends, and even with the students at the University UDESC (shout out to the Esaguianos). All in all, Hamish gave 4 presentations, to representatives from about 50 organisations, with a vigorous and enlightening Q&A following each.

We also learnt that Brazil is very innovative and definitely moving fast – not being a frog there!

You might not know, but Clear Inovação is leading in Brazil with innovative solutions for their clients, acting in a trusted advisor role. Working with medium sized organisations, Clear goes out of their way to show Brazilians what the world is doing, taking their clients to Silicon Valley and also, bringing the best minds to Brazil, like Eric Siegel, the author of Predictive Analytics.

The Digile team wants to thank you for the amazing welcome to everyone involved. Our Brazilian folks are more than friendly and they know how to put on a great show. We had the best welcome and we are looking forward to coming back soon.


If you fancy reading in Portuguese, check it out here.