StartUp Grind Auckland with Hamish Nuttall

StartUp Grind Auckland presents: Fireside chat with Hamish Nuttall

Startup Grind is a Silicon Valley-based organisation that educates and mentors entrepreneurs through monthly business events and speaking series. (Wikipedia)

We are thrilled to tell you that the next Auckland event is with Hamish, the founder of Digile.

If you haven’t attended one of the events before, Startup Grind Sessions are casual, more of a Q&A style. It does make the night quite interesting and super real.

Why is Hamish at Startup Grind?

Because Hamish thought out of the box when he started Naked Bus. He did things 10 years before his time. What now makes so much sense, back a decade ago, did not. So he has now started Digile, simply helping other businesses to navigate through the digital revolution. He will be openly talking to everyone about his journey, how he does things and whatever other question you might have.


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Because of Hamish’s experience using technology to solve customer’s painpoints, he has given plenty of talks around the world. You can read more of some his talks like the Customer 3.1 Conference and in Brazil with Clear Inovação.