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You’ve Found the Customer Painpoints. What Next?

A key step in our process is identifying customer painpoints with our customers. We are always talking about finding customer painpoints but, once you have done that, what next? During our innovation workshop, after we have agreed and listed all the customer's problems, there is…

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Use MVP To Innovate to Product/Market Fit

MVP or How to Test an Idea Without Breaking the Bank You have a vision for your product or service, but you can’t be sure if people will buy it. In the old days, companies would bet millions of dollars on an idea - and many…

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Do You Really Need an App? Ask Yourself Why First

Apps are #1 on the digital transformation wishlist, but unless you know why you're doing it, you may end up wasting your money. But the good news is that if the app addresses a real customer pain point, the benefits will keep coming. Here's what…

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