Disrupt Yourself - How to Innovate, Validate & Convert

Innovate to Create New Value Using a Proven Validation Process 

Hamish Nuttall is the person who founded Naked Bus, a game changer in the intercity bus market in New Zealand. He has a huge passion for helping startups and established organisations innovate to create value. It has become obvious to him that businesses understand the world is changing, however, their challenge is to figure out what it means for their organisation, and then break down the steps to success.

This is why Digile has created this full day workshop:

Disrupt Yourself – How to innovate, validate and convert!

This interactive one-day workshop is based around helping organisations get a clear vision for the future. Throughout the day you will be using a combination of your own business learnings & examples from well-known business case studies. There are a number of breakout sessions throughout the day where you can focus on your own business goals and priorities. This one day course has already seen many of Digile’ clients challenging the norm and taking their businesses from strength-to-strength.

By the end of the day, you will be leaving with a clear vision of the desired future state of your business & a list of prioritised tasks to ensure that you get there. This workshop is all about changing your mentality, becoming excited and motivated for what the future holds, and most importantly, knowing what to do next.

The course attendees will be a small group of like-minded people (with existing businesses or business ideas) with the same goal – innovating to create value in a rapidly changing world.

  • The key thing you will learn will be how to innovate to create value from your existing business or new business idea. In order to do this, you will go through this proven process:
    • Pinpoint your key customer pain points
    • Create a framework for idea generation
    • Generate breakthrough ideas to solve painpoints
    • Create a hypothesis for how you will create value
    • Prioritise actions – what are your next steps?
    • Create a minimum viable product that let’s you test your hypothesis quickly.
    • Identify key behaviours for success
    • A framework for tracking progress


    You will also learn about:

    • Validating your product ideas through testing your MVP rather than planning and building the whole product at once (lean startup approach) [link to lean startup blog post – to be written]
    • Capture low hanging fruit quickly using agile, sprints and transparency
    • How to prioritise your development with minimal resources
    • How to take advantage of disruption
    • How to connect with your customers in the digital age
    • How to engage with software developers, and how to ensure software cycle time is reduced
    • How to create and foster a culture of innovation
    • The benefits of recruiting millennials and graduates into your business
    • How to organise your teams for accelerated growth
  • A plan to innovate to create value in your business
  • A vision for your future state
  • A minimum viable product
  • Clear priorities and ways to capture the ‘low hanging fruit’
  • A toolkit for your continuing journey

Dates Available: Thursday 29th June 2017 | Saturday 22 July 2017
Course Length: 1 day course
Time: 8am – 4pm
Location: BizDojo Boardroom – shared space – Level 1, GridAKL, 101 Pakenham St W, Auckland, 1010
Food & beverages: Food will be provided throughout the day: tea/coffee, morning & afternoon tea, lunch (please advise us of any dietary requirements such as GF/vegetarian.)

The investment for this workshop is $650 plus GST ($747.50 including GST)

  • But hey! If you are reading this page, that means someone thinks you should attend. That is why we are offering you a sweet 20% discount:
  • $520 plus GST ($598 including GST)
  • Prices are in New Zealand Dollars

Workshop Facilitators:

Hamish Nuttall

From launching NakedBus in 2006, Hamish grew the business to 40% market share. Hamish ran Naked Bus as a start up, using Agile and Lean Startup methodologies, not just in IT, but right across the business to drive it forward with minimum viable products (MVP), experimentation and feedback loops.

Among many initiatives, Hamish launched a lie-flat sleeper bed service between Auckland and Wellington as an MVP, in six weeks from formulating the idea, to completing the website, selling tickets, concluding agreements with suppliers, and commencing the retrofit of the vehicles.

Hamish is currently assisting medium and larger enterprises with digital transformation, helping them disrupt their business model, reinvent their way of working, and speed of outcomes, before someone else does.

Hamish has MBA, BA (Hons) Oxon.


Maria Selva

Maria is a passionate exponent of growing your business through innovation. Her first foray into innovation was working in a small, passionate team, where she Maria helped a small team introduce the concept of “online volunteering” to Brazil. She delivered many aspects from the website to the digital communication. Working in a non-profit, Maria had to work smart and fast. This was when she understood how fast the world is moving and how working in an agile way was not only useful but essential enable this project to lift off.

Maria came to New Zealand 6 years ago and it was here that she mastered her sales skills with leading international brands. The time she has been living in New Zealand has been long enough for her to create an extensive network and engage with the community.

She has a passion for marketing, sales, events and team growth. Understanding and dealing with people is something that comes naturally to her. Oh, and she loves yoga.


“Hamish was an engaging speaker. It was great to hear the story of Naked Bus and Hamish’s take on launching and growing a business.”

“Good business story with insight into success & failure. Content was applicable to any industry. Hamish was a great presenter”

“Absolutely outstanding – Great story delivered with passion and humour.”