You know you're onto a winner, your sales are increasing and now you need to scale the business.

Once you have the sales, you need to focus on improving throughput. You know you have the right product, but you can improve the effectiveness of production/delivery. Scaling is about increasing capacity faster than you increase costs so that costs per unit decrease.


We'll help you identify the constraints in the business and eliminate them one by one using some or all of the following tools.

  • Create repeatable processes to reduce errors. (Read how checklists save time and reduce defects even while you are innovating)
  • Identify training: It’s not just about understanding how to do your job that matters – but understanding how your job supports the goals of the business
  • Outsource: You’re good at what you do. Other businesses are good at what they do: outsource your non core tasks to specialists
  • Automate: automation done well not only reduces time and cost, it improves outcomes. Don’t try and automate everything at once; focus on the biggest painpoints and solve them one at a time.


You are building a system where you are continually reducing cost and improving outcomes for customers.

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