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Cross Functional Teams

Don’t work with us!

"Congratulations, we'd like to offer you a job. But before you accept, I'm going to give you three reasons why you should say no." It may seem a bit counter-intuitive to give reasons NOT to accept a job offer to your best candidate. But we…

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Make Yourself Redundant is Job One!

So, you're a fast growing startup, and you have eager new recruits joining you, and they ask what you want them to do. I could have explained to people joining Naked Bus, the processes and protocols (OK, I'm sure someone did that); I could have told them,…

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A Naked Checklist for an Agile World

"My job involves thinking. It can't be reduced to a checklist." Once upon a time, most professionals thought that their work was too complicated to benefit from checklists. Or maybe they were insulted by the idea that much of what they did could be reduced to…

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We need a cross functional champion of business transformation, not a super CIO

It's a pity that we have to give a name to the new phenomenon of Chief Digital Officer. Because by naming it, there is a risk we put it in a box. The role of Chief Digital Officer or CDO has become the latest must-have…

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What Happened When We Made the Whole Business Agile. Tip: It’s not a Substitute for Knowing Where You’re Going

It's easy to see why businesses are experimenting with Agile methodologies outside the IT team. The promise: no more lumbering, over-running projects. And if it works in IT, why shouldn't it work elsewhere? Agile is not a substitute for knowing where you are going, and having a…

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MVP Launch – Sleeper

The was launched within 6 weeks from idea to delivery on the road. Instead of traditional project planning methods, an agile approach was used with a multi-disciplinary team working in close collaboration. Daily standups were used to overcome obstacles, and the minimum viable product…

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