Hamish Nuttall

From launching Naked Bus in 2006, Hamish grew the business to 40% market share carrying 700,000 passengers a year. The low cost intercity bus network became a household name in New Zealand with 95% brand awareness, and a +65 net promoter score. He sold the business at the beginning of 2015.

Naked Bus was a marketing and IT business, having outsourced drivers and vehicles. Hamish integrated IT, marketing, customer experience and operations.

Hamish ran Naked Bus as a start up, using Agile and Lean Startup methodologies, not just in IT, but right across the business to drive it forward with minimum viable products (MVP), experimentation and feedback loops.

Among many initiatives, Hamish launched a lie-flat sleeper bed service between Auckland and Wellington as an MVP, in six weeks from conception to launch.

In his new business, Digile, Hamish is currently assisting businesses, as a virtual Chief Digital Officer, to do the things that others are only thinking about.