Maria Selva

Maria is a passionate exponent of growing your business through innovation. Her first foray into innovation was working in a small, passionate team, where she Maria helped a small team introduce the concept of “online volunteering” to Brazil. She delivered many aspects from the website to the digital communication.

Working in a non-profit, Maria had to work smart and fast. This was when she understood how fast the world is moving and how working in an agile way was not only useful but essential enable this project to lift off.

Maria came to New Zealand 6 years ago and it was here that she mastered her sales skills with leading international brands. The time she has been living in New Zealand has been long enough for her to create an extensive network and engage with the community.

She has a passion for marketing, sales, events and team growth. Understanding and dealing with people is something that comes naturally to her.

Oh, and she loves yoga.