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We are a team brought together by Hamish Nuttall, who was also the founder of Naked Bus. During that journey, he learned many lessons, and ultimately succeeded in building an iconic New Zealand company that moved 700,000 people each year. To succeed, he learned you have to be doing the things others are only thinking about. With these lessons, we can help you succeed through customer focused innovation.

We eat innovation for breakfast

Customer Centric Innovation

Helping you innovate to create value


The first step is to agree where you want to be, and identify the roadblocks to getting there. The roadblocks may be internal or customer facing – what are the customer painpoints that you need to solve to get customers buying more of your product / service and be sustainable


You have created the vision for your product/business and you want to get to a validated product/market fit as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend too much money on an unvalidated idea, and you don’t want to initiate a project that could take months or years to reach an outcome.


You have a validated product, and you know the painpoints you are solving for. Now you need to understand how your customers find your product so you are visible to them with the right messages.


You have people on your website, kicking the tyres. You are collecting lots of data about customer behaviour, and now you need to leverage that to increase conversion.


You know you have the right product, but you can improve the effectiveness of production/delivery. Scaling is about increasing capacity faster than you increase costs so that costs per unit decrease.

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